Newark has made remarkable progress in reshaping the downtown area of the city. Buildings have risen out of the dust, while historic sites have been resurrected and reborn again.

So how have Newark residents faired during this renaissance? This series will take a look at the rise of the workforce, incomes, and status of the residents in Newark.

With the uptick in companies placing a significant bet on Newark, the median incomes of Newark residents remain low. The following chart gives a breakdown of income by wards (districts) of the city.

As the data shows, the median income for the city of Newark NJ fell during the same 7 year period (see chart Resident Income by Ward).

Overall income levels for 4 of the 5 Newark wards have dropped over the 7 year period from 2011 to 2017. The East ward is the exception as median incomes in this ward had a modest rise during the same period.

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