Healthcare Consulting

From hospitals to FQHCs, we help navigate challenging and competitive environments with data informed & patient-centric solutions


Our offerings in operational transformation, patient experience and high impact consulting help healthcare organizations deliver personalized, efficient, and informed care. We customize data-driven solutions based on People, Process and Policy.  Jasfel Analytics and Paidia PM partnership is focused on helping organizations identify and implement high-impact solutions to reduce revenue leakage and increase patient counts.  


Jasfel Analytics


Paideia PM

Patient Experience

Keeping statisfied patients and attracting new patients with insights, strategy and data.

High-impact consulting

Empowering healthcare organizations to adopt a mindset and culture of “patient-first” care at the speed and efficiency expected by today’s consumers. 

Operational transformation

Preparing your organization for value-based patient care, competition, and satisfying governing bodies and regulatory reporting. 

 Key Differentiators …Our People



Customized Client Strategies

Experience in UDS, EHRs, HEDIS, PCMH

Strategy Execution leading to Quantifiable Results

Expertise in Community-based Health Models

Subject Matter Experts-Social Determinants of Health

Resource Alignment

Certified MWBE

“Without their help, I do not believe our coalition would be in the successful position we find ourselves in today”

Noreen O, JFK Health

Gary Mann

Gary Mann


Babette Baker

Babette Baker